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Jason Smith: Nobody Takes Less Responsibility After Losses Than Doc Rivers

Jason Smith: “Doc Rivers is always going to be the guy deflecting blame. He never ever takes any responsibility when his teams lose. He always looks to try to pass the buck when the only thing in common with him in his career, now 17-33 in game sevens for his career, is YOU can’t win. YOU don’t win, and he never takes any responsibility. It’s always ‘I love my guys’ until you can’t win, and then it’s ‘we didn’t have the right group.’ He said ‘I thought we had the right group.’ It was a 3-2 lead and you had the bleepin’ MVP of the league, but you didn’t have the ‘right group'? I wonder what the sky is like in his world? If you’re having dinner with him and you’re talking about all kinds of playoff series [in the past] and you ask him about that series: ‘Oh, that guy was terrible’, ‘oh, that guy stunk’, ‘oh, that guy was bad’, ‘oh, that didn’t work.’ ‘HOW ABOUT THE YEAR WE DID WIN? I HAD THREE HALL OF FAMERS!’ He never takes any responsibility. When I look I Doc, I think ‘dude, just take the L.’ Just say ‘my fault, I didn’t coach well enough.’ Whether it’s your fault or not, I would like that a little bit from the leaders. That’s what all leaders say after losses. The first thing they said is ‘I’ needed to do more, and ‘I’ didn’t do it. But instead it was ‘I thought we had the right group.’ He’s acting like it’s not his fault, and everyone ‘thought’ they had the right group. Dude, you had the right group. Not that’s all Doc’s fault, but no one takes less responsibility after a loss. Doc is one of those guys who goes into a team and immediately the owner thinks ‘OK, I have stability', but you’re not getting next-level coaching and a guy who can get you to the Finals. That’s Erik Spoelstra, or right now, Darwin Ham more than it is Doc Rivers. Doc has been living off that championship with the Celtics for way too long.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Smith of Fox Sports Radio rip now-former Philadelphia 76ers head coach Doc Rivers for failing to take any accountability for another Sixers failure in the playoffs.

Check out the segment above as Jason explains why no other coach in the NBA makes more excuses than Rivers, adding that we need to stop always giving Rivers the benefit of the doubt just because he won a championship with the Celtics 15 years ago.

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